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Fume Hoods

A fume hood offers a safe way to contain and ventilate hazardous fumes. Wet chemical processes often call for the use of a fume hood. Industrial chemical fume hoods are used in a variety of applications, from laboratory chemical research to full-scale manufacturing with wet chemical processes like semiconductor wafer processing, passivation, and part etching.

Semitech Systems, LLC specializes in building custom fume hoods for biomedical, clean room, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor applications. Designed with all necessary standards in mind, our fume hoods undergo extensive safety and quality assurance testing to ensure that they can effectively protect workers potentially exposed to hazardous materials without undermining their performance.

  • Stainless steel or FM4910 PVC construction

  • Fully welded liquid containment area

  • Clear sliding face shield to protect the operator

  • Options for tanks or removable work surface

  • Ultrasonic & heated processing systems for parts cleaning

  • Casters & leveling feet on steel frame

  • DIW filling station, rinse guns, N2 spray gun

  • Exhaust monitoring

  • LED lighting & GFCI outlets

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