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Plastic Fabrication

Cleanliness is critical for every semiconductor application. Improved purity strengthens the effectiveness and quality of results while preventing contamination. Semitech Systems, LLC has over a decade of experience making custom plastic products for clean room, pure and ultrapure workspaces. Semitech has provided custom tank fabrication services for hundreds of clients across numerous industries. Utilizing the latest automated fabrication equipment and computer-aided design tools, Semitech can manufacture custom storage tanks in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for any application. Our engineers and technicians go beyond the services offered by typical plastic tank manufacturers, working together with you to create custom-built plastic tanks to suit your unique design requirements.

Semitech Systems, LLC has extensive experience in fabricating custom casework cabinets and storage for a variety of industries. Much of our work has been channeled into the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and Life Science industries along with many colleges and universities. We’re able to provide efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a high level of quality to customers seeking plastic fabrication solutions.

  • Contract manufacturing services for critical parts

  • Experienced with high-purity materials such as
    PVDF & PFA for chemically resistant tanks & reservoirs

  • Fabrication of PVC and Polypropylene equipment housings

  • In-field repairs and modifications to OEM equipment

  • Tight tolerance plastic machined parts from PTFE, PEEK, Halar

  • Short lead times, typically 4-6 weeks on custom parts

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